Got A Man

by Durdy

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rap by durdy


unless you got a man we could prolly exchange
phone numbers maybe later we could go on a date
tell you you lookin good and I know you look great
I know a great place put the lobster on steak

oh you got a man? that's aight then
ima do my own thing and you not invited
if your man got beef then I might turn violent
should I beat his as down or should I just outshine him?

oh you single now? that cool baby
you can come for a ride in my new Mercedes
go to the museum look at new art paintings
you can tell me all about what you been doin lately

well lately I been writin these rap songs
waitin for the day that my spaceship blasts off
you can come with me bring your girlfriends too
I mean unless they got a man they can all come too!





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Durdy Hollis, New Hampshire

a Gawd of beatz

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